Gdańsk Korczak Foundation "Love and give an example" was established in April 2015 to assist children in their home, that is J. Korczak Childrens' Home (a Regional Institution for Caring & Therapeutics in Gdansk) in a bid to provide them with the best possible living conditions. Janusz Korczak Childrens' Home is a special place, where 45 children aged from birth to 12 years of age have found their every-day-home. These children are unique in two ways: firstly deprived of parental care and secondly their fate has experienced them with a disease.

Diseases of our children are different: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down's syndrome, FAS / FASD, hearing loss, amblyopia, and many others. The needs of these children are larger than healthy childrens’ are. They need not only lots of love, intimacy and care, but also many therapeutic activities, specialized and rehabilitation equipment. We would like to open the world before these little ones - organize for them expeditions, trips, in summer and winter, so that they can experience and get to know new people and new places. That is why we created Gdańsk Korczak Foundation "Love and give an example." Our goal is to raise funds for these children to brighten their daily lives with the most of smile on their faces.

If you would like to support us in buying presents for our kids you can donate any amount of money to our bank account. If you have another way to help our little ones, please contact us and we consider together on its implementation.